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It ain't much - just me yakking about my life for my friends and family. It's great to keep in touch with folks back in Texas.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

( Ueno JR Station, Tokyo )


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Got into town, got lost, got fustrated, got annoyed....still love the city though !

My phone already ran out of minutes so now I have to huff out to the city and find a Vodaphone pre-paid card...*sigh*

Virgin Radio UK

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Woke up this morning around 7 am and wander the streets for a bit before me , my sister and my cousin Gin drove to Taipei. We're going sightseeing today but both are taking a quick catnap...

nothing. but watching weird Asian music videos on TV right now...

Tokyo Narita

I'm bored. There's a stopover in Tokyo before boarding China Airlines (shudder....ghetto) to Taiwan....thank god for Powerbooks, wifi and a credit card ! Now I can surf to my content.....

Anyways....more later

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Getting ready....

It's 12:20 am and I still haven't packed my bags yet. My flight leaves tomorrow morning so I'm rushing to take care of some unfinished business. I'm excited but at the same time not so. I supposed the trip has turned into a working vacation. Thinking of hitting magazines in Taiwan and Japan while pulling off a stock shoot......major stress....and isn't vacations supposed to be relaxing ?

Maybe...maybe not....


Sunday, October 01, 2006


Old photo from Spring of 2005. I spent a week driving a Japanese photographer and his crew around. The model is Shiho who I was told was the "Gisele" of Japan. One night at dinner I taught her the "LA" hand sign....I email her I was going to be in Japan in a week or so but no words yet....

FHF radio show

Savannah's birthday

Vanna turns one, had her first cake and boogie to the jukebox.

Loretta, Barb & Kelly

Daddy !

Unable to repeat the Past

By Charles Piller, Times Staff Writer
September 13, 2006

Carter G. Walker remembers the day her memories vanished.

After sending an e-mail to her aunt, the Montana freelance writer stepped away from the computer to make a grilled-cheese sandwich. She returned a few minutes later to a black screen. Data recovery experts did what they could, but the hard drive was beyond saving — as were the precious moments Walker had entrusted to it.

"All my pregnancy pictures are gone. The video from my first daughter's first couple of days is gone," Walker said. "It was like a piece of my brain was cut out."

Walker's digital amnesia has become a frustratingly common part of life. Computers make storing personal letters, family pictures and home movies more convenient than ever. But those captured moments can disappear with a few errant mouse clicks — or for no apparent reason at all.


This is one of the problems facing photographers today. Storing the photos and making sure it is retrievable in the future. Read the rest of the article here .

FHF radio show

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday, already !

Leonard's party. He turns 30 for the 2nd time. Here he is with his wife Lily,

Me and Leslie

Odssey and Ed

I slacked in the last week on posting. Things got busy and I just worked. I assisted the Tuesday I flew back from Austin. Scouted locations for a shoot on Wednesday. Did the shoot on Thursday and did another shoot on Friday. Both are for a business magazine that can actually afford to pay expenses AND I can have an assistant.

Of course, I hired my friend Paul who needs some cash and since both jobs are pretty simple - it worked out. Paul worked a total of 5 hours over 2 days for $400 bucks. Not bad.

Sat I went to a friend's b-day party down in Long Beach, then race back up top Culver City for the Smashbox show. In the years before, they called it The Assistant Show because...well, assistants showcase the work. This year they call it "Emerging Photographer" show. As usual everybody showed up to get drunk on free drinks and dance the night away.

Speaking of nights, I just got back from the Massive Attack show at the Hollywood Bowl - very cool. This is about the 3rd time I caught them this year - first Coachella, then ACL, now the Bowl

Next week I have 3 days at PIX and I'm planning another stock shoot.

All is well....